Corporate Investigations

We assist our clients in determining whether they have been victimized by fraud and decide if the cause came from outside or within the organization. Utilizing a combination of investigators, forensic accountants, computer experts and research analysts, we develop sufficient facts in a discreet manner to assess the extent and source of any fraud. This approach allows management to decide the best way to proceed before revealing the existence of the investigation to others within or outside the organization.

For employment investigations, discretion is the key element in our approach. We examine workplace claims of sexual harassment or discrimination. Working with company management and legal counsel, we gather evidence, assess credibility of claims and develop facts in an unbiased manner.

-Internal Investigations
-Outsider Fraud Investigations
-Employment Harassment and Discrimination Investigations
-Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Issues
-Forensic Accounting
-Theft of Intellectual Property
-Computer Forensics

Litigation Support Investigations

Sometimes referred to as “informal discovery”, our investigations in support of ongoing or anticipated litigation give our clients an edge in high-stakes litigation. Developing background information on opponents and key witnesses helps determine their credibility, highlights character weaknesses or negative business histories and can provide leverage in settlement negotiations. We are frequently asked to profile assets of the opposing side; to identify and interview witnesses; or to develop critical information that cannot be found through the normal discovery process.
-Assess Witness Credibility
-Background Investigations on Opposition and Key Witnesses
-Location and Interview of Potential Witnesses
-Statement Fact Checking
-Discovery of “Hard to Find” Information
-Asset Profiles